Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA)
Formal Reception for the Delegacies of Literary Advancement

Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA) arranged a special Reception for the Prominent Educational Activists Mr. S.M. Hidayathullah, (General Secretary - Mr. Ibn Saud, Managing Director of TAYSEER Recruitment Consultancy and Mr. Musthafa Badsha, Business Development Manager – NAF. The official Reception was held on 21st December 2009 @ 8:30 P.M at Visitors Restaurent, Kuwait City.

EC and CC members of TMCA, Advisors, Custodians, well-wishers, and prominent personalities have attended in this exquisite ceremony. The functions started with Holy Quran recitation by Br. M. Muneer Ahmed (Dy. General Secretary – TMCA), Br. N.A.M. Abdul Aleem (General Secretary – TMCA) welcomed all and briefed the overall activities of TMCA as well as administered the observation, and Br. Almas Musthafa (President – TMCA) presided over this ceremony and introduced everyone.   Mr. Hidayathuallah, (Chairman-National Unity Council, Secretary General – ILS and UNWO, Secretary for Socio Economical Educational Trust, Member All India Pradesh Congress Committee) delivered a wonderful address about our communities statuses specially the literacy level. He explained the specific method of providing scholarship and finding the eligible candidates by the corresponding Jamaths' cooperation. He advised to TMCA to promote the level of financial aid with joint cooperation that he suggested that the trust will donate the same fraction of the scholarship amount which TMCA intending the figure of a solid financial aid of both side to mobilize for a selected district or Jamath. Mr. Ibn Saud, (Managing Director of TAYSEER Recruiting Consultancy) expressed his wide range of experiences about recruiting the technical and skilled worker that he emphasized our students must get at least any technical capabilities before entering into  the overseas opportunities. Mr. Musthafa Badcha, (Business Development Manager – NAF) explained the NAF (Net Achievers Forum) and its activities.

The reception ended with vote of thanks by Br. M. Muneer Ahmed (Dy. General Secretary – TMCA). End of the reception the special dinner were served.