Grand Matha Naillinakka Conference on 3rd April 2009 - Qadsiya Indoor Stadium

Conference on ‘Inter-Faith Unity and Humanity

Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (One of the leading registered Association in Indian Embassy, Kuwait) conducted a large and magnificent program with on the theme Conference on "Inter – Faith Unity and Humanity" on the auspicious occasion of Annual Day Celebrations. A rainy day in Kuwait with cool breeze and winter-like climate is something unusual which we don't come across it very often. It was refreshingly soothing and rejuvenating. So was TMCA’s Inter-Faith conference successfully hosted on Friday, the 3rd of April, 2009, at the QADSIA Stadium (Hawally) Indoor-Auditorium with a very strong member force dedicated to good causes. Brother Vittukatti Masthan began the proceeding by introducing the Moderator and Master of Ceremonies Media Maestro Saathankulam Abdul Jabbar.

Then in the words of Jabbar himself, the conference got off to a flying start, " In the name of the Almighty - the most benevolent and merciful. Then Moulanaa Moulavi Kabeer recited a few verses from Holy Qur'an, the meaning of which were explained in English as well as Tamil by Brother Ibrahim. Soulful rendering of the National Anthems of both Kuwait & India by the Pupils of Indian Public School. Kuwait.

It was followed by the welcome address by General Secretary Brother Abdul Aleem and felicitation address by His Excellency Ajay Malhotra, the Ambassador of India Kuwait and Brother Mukhtar Maroof, President of Federation of Indian Muslim Associations (FIMA), Kuwait. The main sponsor ‘Lucky Press’ Brother Sulaiman Batcha, Co-sponsors M/s. TVS Cargo & Travels, M/s. Al-Yasra Foodstuff Co., M/s. Tamilnadu Best Services and M/s. City Clinic & Pharmacy were honoured. Then, the conference proper started right in earnest, in the presence of a jam-packed house, inspite of heavy rain. but with lot of interest and enthusiasm which prevailed through-out.

Dr. Srimath Mauna Kumaraswamy Thambiran swamigal of Tharumai Aadheenam Shree Mouna Madam of Malaikkottai, Trichy, highly learned, welfare of the down-trodden at heart, and one who confines his activities within the precincts of the Mutt, flew all the way to Kuwait to represent his faith - Hinduism. His approach to spiritualism and religious harmony were audable and earned the acclode of the people who graced the occasion with their presence.

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Rev. Fr. Dr. Paulrajkumar, holder of not one or two, but several post-graduate degrees to his credit, was the torch-bearer for Christianity. His views were vivid reflecting his hard-earned knowledge, world-over widely travelled experience. He argued that man has no right to take away what God has given, that is Love, Affection and respect for one another. In a nutshell, ANBU, that is Love should be the all embracing key word in enhancing the religious harmony.

Thiru Anbalagan, the youngest legislator of the State Legislative
Assembly of Tamil Naadu, India, can easily be described as a role model of aspiring young generation. With past achievements in record, and future ambitions in mind, was of the opinion that all the development plans un-veiled by the government and the crores and crores of money spent on them will be of no use if people were to be at logger-heads with one another. Calm and socially healthy atmosphere is a must if the development activities were to bear the beneficial fruit and the people were to enjoy it to their heart's content.

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Janab Hidhayathulla, a businessman, social worker and Secy. General of World Tamil Islamic Literary Society, was eloquent in advancing the argument about all things Islam stood for. If only people understood Islam in its proper sense then there will be no conflict, no terrorism and/or extremism. You tell about your good things, and let we tell ours and this commonality should lead us to peaceful society where everyone lives and thrives.

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Dr. Sithy Sumaya Sheik Dawood, highly educated and head of an illustrious institution, namely, Thassim Beevi Abdul Khader College, Kilakarai, is a shining example of empowered and emancipated woman-hood. She dwelt on brother-hood and brought in, her vast experience in her academic pursuits. She emphatically explained the steller role woman can play in spreading the spirit of fraternity and brother-hood. In any conflict - communal or otherwise - women are the worst affected. So, it is essential for the womenfolk to play a vital role in avoiding calamities. Brotherhood is the only way out to ensure peace and tranquility among people through-out the world.

Thiru Ilasai Sundaram, ex-Station Director, All India Radio, was at his brilliant best in keeping the audience enthralled with his humourous punches, and timely jokes. His hilarious speech was interspersed with beautiful quotes from Holy Qur'an and the sayings of the Prophet (pbuh). Human race has lot to gain and achieve by following the path of peace. Why should one opt for "sour" ones when "sweet" is within his grasp. His was sugar-coated (here humour covered) pill which is good for the general health of the people.

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Haji S.M. Abdul Jabbar, a doyen in media - print and electronic - with his his sixty years of experience was the Moderator and Master of Ceremony. With a unique style of his own, with his depth of knowledge inTamil language conducted the proceedings admirably. The conference, undoubtedly, is a re-sounding success. It is further vouched by the fact that the two-thousand strong crowd, braved the unusual rain and patiently waited for well over five hours and thoroughly enjoyed the proceedings, if the intermitttent roar of applause is any indication.

Eng. H.Q. Najmuddin (Founder and All India Coordinator – MEPCO, Vice President – Chennai Chapter of JMC Alumni and UNWO – TN State Member & General Secretary Ramnad Dt.)

Mr. Ganesan (Accompanying delegate, Tamilnadu, India)

Mr. Karthikeyan (Accompanying delegate Tamilnadu, India)

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Holy verses by Moulavi Kabeer

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Indian Public School (Salmiya) students exhibited the Kuwait – Indian patriotic songs.


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H.E. Ambassador released the Special Souvenir of this conference and delivered an opening address.

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Mr. N.A.M Abdul Aleem, General Secretary- TMCA welcomed all the guests and participants.

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Mr. Mukhtar Maroof , President FIMA felicitated in this program. The Chief guests are delivered their wonderful Special addresses which were so informative and insistence for religious tolerance and harmony.

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The special mementos were presented to H.E. Ambassador, All Chief Guests, Indian Public School principal and team, Main Sponsor and Co-Sponsors and for 7 members of TMCA- CC. Mr. Muneer Ahmed (Dy. Gen. Secretary ) delivered the vote of thanks. Alhaj S.K. Shamsudeen Hazrath submitted an oral request to the leaders and political personalities on behalf of all Indian expatiates about the voting rights and the registering the Voter ID Card incase the citizen dwelling in abroad.

The conference came to a fruitful conclusion with Brother Muneer Ahamed proposing vote of thanks followed by a round of applause by the audience, whose co-operation through-out was, indeed, heart-warming. Alhaj S.K. Shamsudeen Hazrath submitted an oral request to the leaders and political personalities on behalf of all Indian expatiates about the voting rights and the registering the Voter ID Card in case the citizen dwelling in abroad. More than One thousand and five hundred observers were adorned the stadium with full of interest
The hard-work and efforts put in by the Office-bearers and dedicated members of T.M.C.A., for a worthy and noble cause may not bear fruit over-night. But the seed sown will definitely bring in rich harvest in the long run. So be it. Ameen ! !

Article Courtesy: Media Maestro, ‘Saathankulam’ Haji. S.M. Abdul Jabbar

On 2nd April 2009 TMCA arranged a special dinner by Mr. A. Abdul Majeed (Ex. General Secretary and member, Custodian Committee, TMCA) for all CC Members, Patrons, well-wishers, Sponsors All Advertisers along with the Chief Guests. The special memorable mementos were presented to all the donors and advertisers.

Mr. Lucky Sulaiman Batcha (Ayyampet), Main Sponsor arranged a special lunch at Oriental Restarurent on 4th April 2009 for all the Chief Guests and TMCA CC members.