His Excellency, Satish Chand Mehta, Ambassador of India to Kuwait has called on us on 09th July and had a special session lasted for about an hour and half, as a token of appreciation of our relentless community services so long these 18 years of its existence as a second largest Indian Association, to discuss and sort-out on priority basis aftermath of recent security crackdown on expats by Kuwait Law enforcement bodies with an aim to get rid of illegals, residency / traffic violators etc.,

His Excellency, had highly observed surfacing of ‘RUMOURS’ by our community members, whom first of all, not sure of the point on air, often end-up in ‘PANIC’ within themselves. He has requested all Tamil speaking community members, whose concentration in domestic sector (Article 20) are high comparatively and who feels that they are being targeted for deportation for no reason or petty and untenable grounds, to not to spread any false news affecting the morale of our community.

When raised several points and occasions faced by our community amidst recent crack-down, like harassment etc., His Excellency insisted to notify our Embassy immediately via Helplines provided for the purpose. Recent meeting between Kuwaiti authorities and Community members at the Embassy have been very effective wherein the Kuwait authorities recalling strong Indo-Kuwait relations dated back to centuries, clearly clarified that residents need not to fear when they are having and carrying all valid documents with them and this security crack-down is targeted only the illegal residents and not any particular nationality. As long as you are not ferrying, but carrying passengers who are your close friends and relatives to and fro Office / airport will not face any problem, he assured.

Further to our Honourable Minister of State for External Affairs, Mr. E. Ahamed’s meeting with Crown Prince and other high dignitaries followed by a news conference that hoping for a good news at the soonest possible time, His Excellency has requested our assistance and service volunteering to our community members at times of need in the near future to whom we happily assured.

Dear all Tamil speaking Indian community brothers and sisters rest be assured of our best possible services, efforts, representation and co-ordination for all your just causes with our esteemed Embassy of India at all times. We once again humbly request YOU ALL to not to be panic out of mere rumours being spread and attach no importance.