Grand Matha Naillinakka Conference on 3rd April 2009 - Qadsiya Indoor Stadium


TMCA's Humanitarian Aid For the new entrant's sudden demise

Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA) attempted in helping financially to the poor and miserable family of late Br. Shahul Hameed from Tenkasi who entered newly to Kuwait on August 2008. As soon as he reached Kuwait within 10 days regrettably he died by heart attack.

Upon the request from the hapless family, the financial helps have been collected from the members and well-wishers of TMCA during the TMCA's official function on 3rd September 2008 and the day of his burial at Sulaibikhat graveyard on 5th September 2008. TMCA had sent the collected amount Rs 72,519/ to the Sister Peer Ammal (in Tenkasi, Tamilnadu), the wife of Late Br.Shahul Hameed.

"May Allah the Almighty forgive his all sins and bestow the special mercies" Aameen!!