Kuwait Tamil Islamic Association’s ‘Coordination Council’

Kuwait Tamil Islamic Association’s ‘Coordination Council’ met 25th May 2010. After brainstorming discussions, TMCA President Br. N. A. M. Abdul Aleem was unanimously chosen as coordinator to head the team.  Mr. Amanullah – NAF and Mr. Amjath Ali – KIFF as Sub Coordinators.

The coordination council consists of the following organization operating in Kuwait . TMCA, IGC, KIFF, TNTJ, K-TIC, IGC – Fahaheel, QMF, NAF, Kooni Medu Jamath, and Ayampettai & Charapalli Jamat.  

It is expected that the Head of Coordination Council Br. Abdul Aleem will work as a buffer zone and coordinate events arranged by organizations and neat out of any differences that might arise during the process. The newly formed ‘Coordination Council’ would have one representative from every Organization functioning in Kuwait .  

It is worth to note that TMCA took such initiate to linkup various organizations operating in Kuwait . May The Almighty accept our good deeds. TMCA office bearers whishes the best for our President Br. Aleem.