TMCA takes initiative to link-up Associations in Kuwait

TMCA convened a meeting on 22nd April, 2010 by inviting the President and Executives of various Indian Tamil Islamic Organizations functioning in Kuwait for the purpose of better co-ordination,  understanding and support.

Respective President and General Secretary of various Tamil Islamic Associations such as IGC, K-TIC, TNTJ, TMMK, QMF, NAF, KIFF, ALUMINI JAMAL etc., have enthusiastically participated in the meeting for the socio-welfare of the Tamil Islamic Community. The program inaugurated with verses from holy Quran (with its translation in Tamil) by Vice President Brother A. Hidayathulla.  President N. A. M. Abdul Aleem welcomed all the participants and he pointed out the importance of having such a meet and urgency of all Associations’ cooperation in order to better serve our community.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the idea of creating a ‘Coordination Council’ which would notify all other Organizations any of their forthcoming event in order to not to have an overlapping programmes from happening. The newly proposed ‘Coordination Council’ would work as buffer zone and would have one representative from every Organization functioning in Kuwait .

Mr. President also said that having such arrangements would chalk out differences if any and a better understanding between Organizations. Also, he informed of the latest campaign launched by TMCA to collect details of all brethren hailing from the State of Tamilnadu working in Kuwait in various sectors such as Domestic, Company and Others. TMCA has a further plan to help-out people who are qualified but stuck in the Domestic Sectors helplessly.

During the discussions with Leaders, various ideas and concerns have been raised and resolved. All Organizations agreed in principle, of such a creation of ‘Coordination Council’ and set 12th May to have a second sitting and discuss further.

Br. A. Hidayathulla (Vice-President, TMCA) thanked all the participants for their kind presence who took efforts to make this event fruitful and successful. The meeting concluded at 11:30 P.M with Dinner.